Mr. Jensen Huang expressed admiration for Viettel's revolutionary achievements in the mobile industry, transforming Vietnam from the PC industry to the mobile industry, connecting the Vietnamese people with technology. He also commended Viettel's involvement in building the national infrastructure, which he saw as an opportunity and platform to establish digital intelligence for Vietnam. This, in turn, would contribute to building a new economy, new products, new services, and new businesses, making Vietnam the most valuable resource, where intelligence is created through supercomputers.

"Viettel and NVIDIA are of similar age, being infrastructure companies that emerged when the internet was being built. The internet created a digital world, and now our industry is facing a new wave, artificial intelligence. This wave is in its early stages and demands infrastructure," emphasized Mr. Jensen Huang.

"Your artificial intelligence must be created in Vietnam, operated in Vietnam, and improved and upgraded in Vietnam," he noted.

During the meeting, Mr. Tao Duc Thang proposed that NVIDIA collaborate with Viettel in both pillars of AI technology: supercomputing infrastructure and workforce training. Viettel suggested partnering with NVIDIA to build, invest in, operate, and scale supercomputing infrastructure using GPUs, with an initial scale of 1000 GPUs by 2025. "Viettel has significant financial resources, synchronized data center infrastructure planning, and human resources to ensure the deployment schedule. Viettel also proposes jointly establishing an AI training center, training human resources, building an ecosystem, promoting innovation in AI for both parties and the region. This training center will be located within Viettel's existing training facilities, with tools and curriculum designed by NVIDIA to provide support," Viettel proposed.

Discussing effective data center construction strategies with Viettel, Mr. Huang suggested prioritizing centralized data centers over multiple smaller infrastructures. "Large models require large computers to work together. A data center with a capacity of 100 MW will be better than 10 centers, each with 10 MW," Mr. Huang added. He also advised that data center construction should ensure sufficient space and cooling systems from the start but gradually add computing resources as needed, as equipment costs decrease over time.

NVIDIA's CEO also shared with Viettel's AI team about building large Vietnamese language models, fundamental technology for today's famous AI generation, considering it within Viettel's reach in the coming years. This is because computing systems are improving at twice the speed each year, making language model training easier. "Every five years, our capabilities have increased 100 times, so costs have also decreased 100 times. Ten years ago, when training the computer vision model AlexNet for the first time, we needed a supercomputer. Now, this can be done on a desktop computer," Mr. Huang said.

The working session was attended by high-ranking NVIDIA leaders from around the world, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Vietnamese Consul General in San Francisco, Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan.

In the field of artificial intelligence, Viettel is also collaborating with NVIDIA to accelerate research and application of AI in areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, digital copies, robotics, and more. Viettel's participation in NVIDIA's global partner network marks a significant milestone in implementing the national AI strategy and contributes to bringing Viettel's AI solutions to the international market.

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