Chairman and General Director of Viettel, Tao Duc Thang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Director of Viettel, Nguyen Thanh Nam, and other leaders of the Group, and affiliated units, have welcomed the delegation.

Chairman - General Director of Viettel Group welcomes the Soc Trang Delegation.

Speaking at the working session, Secretary of the Soc Trang Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Soc Trang People's Council, Soc Trang congratulated Viettel on its great achievements during 30 years of development, pioneering in products and services for economy and national defense promotion.

Mr. Man also recognized Viettel's timely support for Soc Trang amid the pandemic, such as the installation a surveillance system in quarantine areas, hospitals, promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine management software, ensuring social security for people in the province.

In the coming time, Soc Trang expects Viettel’s support in term of digital transformation. The province will create favorable conditions for Viettel to perform of digital transformation tasks in the area, first of which is the introduction of the newest 5G network system.

Chairman, General Director of Viettel,Tao Duc Thang proposed cooperation with Soc Trang in the coming period such as: building a smart seaport system; smart factories for 9 industrial zones, providing sustainable agriculture and tourism solutions, ensuring cybersecurity for the administrative systems of functioned units in the province.

Chairman - General Director of Viettel Group spoke at the meeting with the delegation of Soc Trang province

Regarding the digital transformation of Soc Trang, Thang affirmed Viettel's commitment to support and accompany with the provincial government and people. Viettel confirmed its available technical competencies and human resources to ensure the digital transformation of Soc Trang.

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