With technology becoming the great equalizer in ensuring the world is benefiting equally in all aspects, Viettel is joined by many contemporaries with goals for a human-centric future. For the company, Technology with Heart goes beyond furthering the capacity for improvements and innovations to bring business advantages, but also ensuring that the people working and affected by said technology are taken cared of as well.

Tech for All

For Viettel, the organization has set a goal of universalizing digital technology, giving everyone the opportunity to access technology. There is a strong belief that technology needs to improve people's lives and make the world a better place, promote sustainable development, support local communities, and bridge the technical gap. Viettel’s mastery of technology is constantly improving its business solutions offering, and at the same time, increasing accessibility and availability even to rural areas and underdeveloped segments.

“Technological advancements are not limited to large corporations – industry transformers must make conscious efforts to accelerate transformations by making new-age tech accessible to everyone to ensure equal growth across the board - in all communities and industries,” said Tao Duc Thang, Chairman, CEO of Viettel Group

This is a movement that has seen many other large tech firms get on board with. Intel to create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. Qualcomm committed to inventing solutions to complex problems and making the world a better place. Google, on the other hand, targets to use 100% renewable energy for its operations while providing solutions for social impacts in the education and health field to consequently enable further economic development.

During MWC 2023, Viettel announced partnership strategies with like-minded businesses (Intel, Qualcomm, Pegatron) to drive social impact for the development of communities on par with global standards. Viettel firmly believes a greater and more effective impact can be accomplished through co-operation.

Technology with Heart to Enable Social Impacts

Viettel brought six "Made by Viettel, Make in Vietnam" solutions that encapsulate Viettel's unique approach to innovative technology while enabling access and availability; vital for building a digital society in Vietnam and other international markets with Viettel’s presence.

  • 5G solutions with OPEN RAN technologies to reduce production costs, aiming to popularise 5G in rural areas.
  • Viettel’s social digital twin platform to research and develop a digital social copy to support, monitor, operate, and plan urban areas based on data.
  • Viettel Money for cashless payments even without smartphones.
  • The IOC to establish digital governments to address pressing local needs, before a full investment is required.
  • Customizable Cybersecurity Operation Center to comprehensively protect organizations and businesses in cyberspace.
  • Upgraded customizable vOCS real-time charging platform, supporting pre-paid and post-paid models for telecommunications, fixed-line and digital (non-telecom) services.

These initiatives work towards building a progressive digital society, especially with increased access to technology that enhances connectivity and communications, as well as digital products and services to improve the quality of life.

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